The world of plants in stitches

For the past few months I was stitching plants. All kinds of imagined plants in many shapes and sizes.
I'm fascinated by medieval tapestries, the natural world depicted in them on a very detailed and complex way.
At that time they were the most expensive pieces of art considering the high quality of raw materials used and a very long and difficult production process. They were called "mobile frescos of North" and decorated walls of the noble interiors.
Of course I don't want to copy medieval tapestries but studying them makes me eager to create complex worlds filled with intricate details, pulling viewer through the layers and textures just to amaze them and bring joy of unexpected discoveries.
It's not fashionable nowadays to spend hours on this kind of time consuming work, but who cares?
At least it is the time well spent and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who appreciate this kind of work. Wanna see some process pictures? Enjoy!


Kátia C said…
Love these! So beautiful

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