Going in circles.

The longer I live the more cycles of life are clear to me. And I find them very uplifting, especially when things look bad at the moment. It is like, you know, watching bare trees in winter with the awarness of spring coming sooner or later.
So who is surprised that playing with a new circle of trees inspired by Hildegard's von Bingen vision will be the best choice for some mindful and meditative artwork? Not me.
Working on this piece connects so many elements and ties them all in a wholeness, just like mandala. Of course the most mysterious and intriguing is the centre:
But each seson has its reason too. And the small pleasures it brings.
Earlier this year I made a smaller and slightly different version of the same subject:
The change of seasons is less visible but I guess I was so desperately looking for green trees that I had to stitch some at least. It is interesting to look through the archives and compare all my Hildegard's visions done so far:
And I'm pretty sure that more will follow!


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