My Italian kitchen

Not the newest of my kitchens but the one that took the longest to complete for sure! It started in 2015 (HERE)and was meant to be done fast. Oh well...
Yes, it was the amount of handwork involved that took so long. And I don't mean stitching daily for all those years but rather the breaks much needed after stitching every utensil by hand.
Landscape in the background was like a fresh breeze - open space with spots of greenery here and there.
And I learned a lot along the way. Not so about the stitching but definitely about history and cooking the Italian way. I love to read on the subject of my project in progress. It is like building an environment, accumulating all the facts and feelings to transform them later into stitches. Then the magic happens - you see the picture that evokes emotions and you are able to feel the atmosphere by yourself. Welcome to my world of Italian cuisine!


Sue McQ said…
Well worth the wait! The scale, depth and realistic details are amazing ❤️

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