Summer cooking is hot!

Here is my newest textile work with a cooking theme. I finished it some months earlier but much to my surprise I had to revisit it and make some changes. The idea came from an older piece where I visualized the beginning of spring as a big pot boiling with first blooms.
"Summer cooking" was made in the summer and I thought it was done although it looked differently from what you see now.
I liked it and the response from viewers was great but it dawned on me that people see something different from what I wanted to show. At first it didn't bother me (everything in the eye of beholder of course) but finally I decided to give it another try. Long, autumnal evenings came handy for adding more embroidery stitches here and there.
The whole piece remains the same but the small additions make the difference.
The sun got some new golden touches too:
And the blue leaves appeared:
Now you can compare both versions yourself. Hope you prefer "after" than "before" but if not - sorry, it is the final one.


Jackie PN said…
WOW Bozena!! What a difference those stitches truly made! I love how they have added that much more texture to your piece! Bravo- another delicious dish of quilting from you! xx

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