Dancing on many weddings

Ever wondered what the restaurant's backstage at wedding party looks like? I did. So here is my textile vision of such a place.
Many tasteful dishes impatiently waiting for their turn, all dressed appropriately and a bit excited.
The pans could easily recognize it is a wedding time by the special lighting turned on.
Big chandelier spreads the golden light on everything for the bright prospect of newly-wed's life.
Even the floor keeps tidy, arranging accidental rubbish into lace patterns...
Let's not forget the wedding cake!
I know it is just my fantasy and reality may be less charming. But... my art is to inspire and to beautify. So imagine my incredible joy when for my birthday this year I got this:
With all the edible details instead of glass beads.
"Dancing on many weddings" is 20.5 x 21.5 in, ready to hang on the wall. And the real cake? Well, I don't remember the size because it didn't last long enough!


Rachel said…
How very festive!
How not to be festive on a wedding day? :))
Elvira said…
Que bonito y original
rosychinnu said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jackie PN said…
Dear Bozena,
first of all, Happy belated Birthday to you!
Your cake looked so dreamy and delicious!! It is no wonder it did not last long! What were the fillings?
Your panel is outstanding! Yes, you do create beauty! Whether it is from your own creative mind or inspired by something real, each piece is delightful to look at!
Sending hugs my friend,Jackie xx
Jackie PN said…
ps... I can't stop looking at that last picture of the cake! I am drooling! lol
Thank you, dear Jackie for all the sweet (yes!) compliments! The filling was mango/mascarpone cream, pretty delicious indeed :)

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