Fine dining in the fisherman's kitchen

Fancy a fish dish? You're welcome:
The idea for fisherman's kitchen portrait arose long ago. It was percolating slowly on the back burner and now the time has come to express it in fabrics. I wanted it rather dark, in tones of browns and blues. Hand dyed antique linen and lace (aka fishing net) were the starting point setting the mood for the whole piece.
Smoked fish and the basket of fishes were the obvious choices as well as the big pot with fish soup. I wasn't sure what window view I want but the scraps just lined up for the big sky and the sea.
So what to put on the table?
At first I wanted simple silver plates but the addition of fishes turned it into splendind feast.
That's how we ended up on the fine dining in this humble fisherman's kitchen.
I love making kitchen portraits. In the next post will show you more of them, the ones created through the time I was absent here. But of course I had to share my newest baby first, right? Bon appetit!


hrabina said…
Kolejna praca, dzie jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem Twojej pomysłowości, Twojego mistrzowskiego łączenia faktur i kolorów. Niby taki zwyczajny temat... a przedstawiony wspaniale.

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