Take a tour through my kitchens!

Feeling like a "Good wife" (pictured above) presenting her clean and tidy kingdom. Well, not all my kitchens are clean and tidy. Some are seriously touched by decay, like this "Abandoned kitchen":
I'm not sure if birds are a good addition to the place where we cook but... licentia poetica works in textile art too.
They say that kitchen is the heart of a home. I agree but I also love to see them as spaces with their own personalities. Sometimes bright and cheerful:
Sometimes more dramatic:
I can see late night shows going in the kitchen while the rest of house sleeps:
And we love it when the cooking is like music, don't we?
The most recent kitchen you saw in the previous POST but I want to show you the one that took the longest to complete - "My Italian kitchen" (started HERE):
The pile of ideas for more is growing up. Captured this recently and I can see a magic city with lots of pinnacles... in the kitchen, of course!


hrabina said…
Kuchnia romantyczna(ta w zieleniach) i włoska to dla mnie nr 1. Zaraz obok jest kuchnia z ptakami. Te trzy to moje faworyty, bo szczególnie chwyciły moje oko.
Wspanaile przedstawiasz widoki z okien kuchennych. To nadaje obrazowi niesamowitej realności.
Dzięki! Cieszy mnie, że się podobają :)
Tuna said…
Nie, nie wszystkie :) To taki większy fragment :)

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