Landscapes in small sizes

Some years ago I read an essay by Olga Tokarczuk on her relationship with trees. She was dreaming about the machine that would be able to recreate stories witnessed by old trees through their life. I immediately "saw" this kind of gramophone and the songs it could play. The many different small worlds rising and falling around the same tree for 200 or 600 years.
It was fun to create all the variety of small landscapes, with little details here and there.
I love to create landscapes in small formats and they are always more about emotions than the real views. Here are the most recent ones - "Golden fields"
This one is framed and available HERE.
And "Beyond my garden" - ready to frame, heavy embroidered beauty in tones of pink.


hrabina said…
Pomysł miałas świetny! Krajobrazy są piękne; z większej odleglosci łatwiejsze do odbioru, jako widoki. Jeszcze raz powtórzę - jako całośc mega pomysł!

'Golden fields' przepiękne!

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