Spring vibes in the kitchen

This year spring is playing cat and mouse with us. So instead of fresh greens and young sprouts I'm sticking to fermented veggies. Deep red tones keep me warm on the wintry April's days.
They inspire new stitched projects too but before they come to life take a look at the last summer's stitched veggies mix:
Can you recognize my favorite ingredients?
Cauliflower and carrots with a lot of salt.
Oh, and a dill which is the key factor in my ferments!
Broccoli brings this lovely dark green spots.
And radishes for joyful pink tones.
Kohlrabi, spices and... the magic of fermentation does the rest. Then it is just to find the way how to translate all the movement into stitches. But that's the fun part as much as eating the models with a big pleasure :)


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