Flowers bold and beautiful.

If you remember the colors of my fermented veggies from the previous post HERE you are not surprised by this:
Frankly speaking, I started in small size - from coasters.
They gave me this idea of bigger, simple, minimalist flowers for wall decor. And what started from a rose continued in... purple pansy:
The next was daisy:
They are fun to create. The longest part is design but when it is done the rest is just "pedal to the metal".
Of course all the fraying is intentional and secure. All the flowers are in similar size (approx. 15in in diameter) and available in my Etsy shop. And that's how they look together:
Bright and beautiful textile flower power. It might not be the end because...
some tasteful, edible yellow roses came my way. Oh well, this inspiration stream has no end :)


Sue McQ said…
These are lovely. But, the designer and sewist is lovelier.
Not to mention the lovely commenters :)

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