Flower white and edible

The name of cauliflower comes from Italian "cavolfiore" which means "cabbage flower"(and this comes from Latin caulis - cabbage and flos - flower). In Polish "kalafior" we don't see neither cabbage or flower but at least it sounds great. And the fresh white colour of the first cauliflowers really adds sparkle to the veggies stalls. Do you remember my "Green market" (it is HERE)?
Personally I love the taste of cauliflowers but I also find their interesting shape inspirational. Last year it was used in many forms. Ever seen "Cauliflower tree":
And you may remember fermented cauliflower I presented here some posts ago (HERE):
It was also my role model for Medieval initial "C":
This year I decided to focus on the head of this white and edible flower:
And I saw it as a big jewel:
What will be next?


whimziequiltz said…
A beaded cauliflower! You are probably the only person I know who can take something as mundane as a vegetable and turn it into pure art.
Mundane??? This is my kind of jewels :)))

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